Build The Hope with Us

Goal: $ 36000

In order to accomplish our mission, we have acquired a building which allows us to provide trainings and to be a center for information and referral. In the building, we will have space for worship, meetings, fellowship, and orientation. It will be a place of sanctuary to support family members directly affected by suicide. Every person involved in this project is a volunteer because as a non-profit organization, without grants or governmental support, we do not have the needed financial resources for salaries.

We depend on donations and offerings from churches and individuals. The money received is used to fulfill operational obligations for the facilities.

Our financial goal is to raise three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) monthly. This amount will allow us to provide trainings, free of charge, to schools and churches, as well as prepare literature regarding suicide. We believe that prevention is a key element in reducing suicidal behavior.

Please make you donation today.