I asked a friend the question.

After I took the suicide workshop, I reluctantly wondered if this would be used someday.

To my surprise, a month later, I found myself talking with a friend on the phone. She told me how bad she felt. We talked for several minutes about her projects, businesses, and plans that did not go well. She also talked about a legal problem.

It was at this moment, I remembered everything learned.  I was able to approach her with empathy.  I asked the difficult question: “Have you thought about taking your own life?”.

And to my surprise her answer was a trembling, “YES”.

As I learned in the workshop, I gave her emotional support and reminded her of strong reasons she had for living.  We talk about her family, children and friends.

I don’t know what my friend’s life would be today.  I don’t know if she would have been just another statistic. I don’t know if I saved her life.  I just know that at the moment, I was prepared to save her from her suicidal thoughts, and be supportive at such a difficult time.

Today, that time of difficulty has passed, and our Friendship is much stronger.

– By: Carmelo Calderas, Puerto Rico